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The NORTH BAY DIFFERENTIAL new owner business, with over 22 years of experience located at 54 Maxwell Court in Santa Rosa, CA services vehicles for Auto Repair, Clutch Repair, Suspension Repair, Differential Repair, Transfer Case Repair, Axle Repair, Drive Shaft Repair, CV Axle Repair.

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Our goal is to make our customers feel confident that their vehicles are in professional hands.

The NORTH BAY DIFFERENTIAL has been Northern California's leading expert in differential assembly, sales, and repair.

Differential Repair Services in Santa Rosa

Differentials are built to last and are designed to handle a heavy workload. Regular service helps ensure you get the most life and best performance possible out of your gearbox. Differential fluid (or gear oil) cools and lubricates the gears and other moving components. It provides important protection against excess friction and wear. Lubricating fluid in the differential eventually breaks down due to extreme heat exposure. Over time it becomes gum-like in texture. Bits of gears can also break off, contaminating the fluid and causing it to become abrasive. Old, contaminated, or low fluid does not provide adequate lubrication for the gears. This causes unnecessary wear on the gears and can lead to more major repairs if not regularly serviced by an experienced auto mechanic.

At North Bay Differentials, our techs are certified and specialize in differential transmission repairs. We have the experience, diagnostic equipment and technical know-how to diagnose and carry out differential repairs properly, effectively and quickly.


The differential has a few primary jobs:

  • Directing the engine power to the wheels
  • Acts as the final gear reduction in the vehicle, slowing down the rotational speed of the transmission one more time before it hits the wheels
  • Transfers power evenly from the engine to all drive wheels and it varies the amount of torque.

Regular differential service is extremely important. It is cost effective to follow the manufacturer recommendation for differential service. With time, high operating temperatures can cause the transmission fluid in the differential to break down and develop a gunk-like texture which fails to lubricate the gears. Again, regular service of the fluid can prevent premature wear on the gears and can help reduce wear on drive-wheel tires.